iPhone to Verizon?(UPDATE)

Taken from maclife.com

UPDATE:  Verizon announcement could be as soon as next week to steal the afterglow of CES11.  Stay tuned.

For the longest time I would laugh at anyone who would udder that phrase.  It was ridiculous.  Apple touted features that would only work on AT&T’s network in their ads and would have to eat crow to lauch on Verizon.  Well, it would appear that I need to change my tune.  The vague unreliable rumors have now moved on to more credible sources and Verizon looks poised (Network speaking) to prove them true.  February looks to be the month of much rejoicing for many people around the country.  But hold on, don’t go spending that Christmas bonus just yet.  Here are some things to think about first.

  • LTE – This is Verizon’s answer to “4G”.  Chances are if the iPhone launches on Verizon it will come with this highly coveted notation.  An iPhone on a high bandwidth wide area wireless network = awesome, but will you get those speeds at your house, don’t hold your breath.  Just as Sprint is piggy backing off Clearwire’s WiMax network, LTE won’t be available in all markets.  Verizon’s site says that it will be available nationwide by 2013, so you non city dwellers might want to wait.
  • Pricing –  I know I’m fortunate.  I was grandfathered in when I bought my iPhone 4 as I had been with AT&T with my iPhone 3G for close to 2 years, so I’m still holding on to the unlimited data plan.  The way things seem to be looking, cellular companies are trying to do away with these types of plans, and possibly even charge you different amounts for different types of data.  There also seems to be issues with the limited plans AT&T has been giving out to its new iPhone customers with mysterious data transmissions taking them over their limit.  So I’m hesitant to jump the AT&T ship and lose my unlimited plan.  Who knows how much Verizon will charge for iPhone data, so we’ll have to wait and see.
  • Sudden influx in traffic – Everyone and their mother (if she knows how to use it) will want to jump to the Verizon iPhone.  Will Verizon have the same issues that AT&T initialy did with data speed because of the new subscribers?  Only time can tell.

Those are my thoughts on the subject so far, I give no recommendations.  What I do recommend is buy your Apple stock now if you haven’t already.  A Verizon iPhone launch will make Apple the king of smartphones for sure and the stock price can only go up because of it.  Now, there’s something you can do with that Christmas bonus.


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