Check-in a Box 2.0

Well here we go again.  In a meeting last week we found out that our newest campus was going to meet at a different location in a couple of weeks.  No big deal, everything is meant to be set up and torn down every Sunday.  Oh wait, there’s a catch. No network drops will be available for us to plug-in Check-in a Box for our children’s ministry.  Solution….. Check-in a Box 2.0

In reality, all we did was switch out the wireless router and add a mifi card.  The difference is, the new router is amazing.

The MBR1200 – Failsafe Gigabit N Router for Mobile Broadband works like a normal wireless router, but can connect to a 3G or 4G mobile device.  Check out the product page here.  The router has a very impressive web interface where you can pretty much adjust any aspect of the device that you want.  It also accepts a plethora of mobile broadband devices (tethering phones, usb dongles, and pci cards).  Another nice feature was that after plugging the router in, it said, “Good Morning Michael.”

When running check-in on all 4 Duo’s going across the mifi there was some substantial slowness, but it worked.  For a more long-term solution we would like to purchase a 4G unit to connect to it.  Either way, it’s a great way to run check-in when you have no network drops available.  Can you say outside at a sports camp?


8 Responses to Check-in a Box 2.0

  1. Steve Perky says:

    This is a great solution. Thanks for sharing the video and write up about it.

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  3. You are, in fact, the man! We love this creative solution and are actively sharing it with all Fellowship One users. Crazy well done!

  4. jonelswick says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’m a church planter and would like to do check-in through Fellowship One, but don’t have access to wifi @ our school. I have a couple of quick questions for you. If you’d rather me email them, I’d be happy to do that as well. But I’ll write them here, if that’s easier:

    1) Is the router necessary, or can this be done with just the mifi? We’re looking to use two computers to get started, and my understanding is that the mifi can handle up to four.

    2) Is the speed on 3G quick enough as the main check-in option, or would this only be as a “backup”?

    3) Is the Zebra PS4000 Wireless Print Server necessary, or can each computer be hooked up USB to their printer?

    I appreciate any insight you can give me!


    • seaofgeek says:

      Not sure if you read the first post about check-in a box, but it can be found here:
      But to answer your questions:
      1. The router is necessary for 2 reasons, it allows the printers and the Duo’s to be on the same network as the Duo’s are mapped to the printer’s IP. The other reason is if you wanted to do away with the PS4000 and purchase Zebra printers with direct network connections you would need to have something to plug them into. But you are correct; the mifi can handle up to 4 connections.
      2. For where we have been using them the 3G has been fine, but it has been in highly populated area. We have also connected a 4G card to it as well which really speeds it up.
      3. As I mentioned in answer 1 you could go without the PS4000 by purchasing Zebra printers with network connections. We originally went with the PS4000 (it’s wireless) because we thought we would be removing the router each time we used it. Since our AV guys were able to do such an amazing job on the case, it turned out not to be necessary.

      If you need any more info feel free to let me know here or tweet me at @mattpugh80. Hope it helps.

  5. Could you please advise where you guys got your case from? I understand the AV team customized it but I’m just looking for the stock case for something this size… What size did you go for?


  6. Dan says:

    Does the Zebra TLP 4844-z work with this setup. I’m having a difficult time finding the Zebra TLP 2884-Z Label Printers.

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