So you want an iPhone and an iPad do you?

I’m currently waiting for my iPhone to update to the latest version, so lets take this opportunity to review what new and amazing features I will be gaining……

  • Air Play Enhancements
  • iTunes Home Sharing
  • iPad Side Switch, Switch up
  • Personal Hot Spot for the iPhone 4

Now I have to say, I’m really only excited about the iPad side switch update.  I was kind of annoyed when they changed it into a mute button in the last update as I used the orientation lock pretty frequently. Glad I can now make the switch do what I want it to.

The rest of the features are interesting, but not very applicable to me.  The personal hot spot would be awesome, but I’m not going to pay what AT&T wants to have it active every month.  Being an iPhone and iPad owner gets me thinking about what’s a better value, having a 3G iPad with an iPhone, or a WiFi iPad and an iPhone with the hot spot.  Let’s take a look at the numbers.

The initial cost to purchase an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 3G is $828. Data for the month will cost you $25 per device getting you a total of 4GB of data between the two.  That’s a total of $50 a month for data.  Over the span of 2 years your total cost for this set up is $2028 (monthly charges(data only) and initial device prices).

On the other hand, going with the Hot Spot solution looks like this.  The initial cost for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 (Wifi only) is $698. Data and Hot Spot fee for the iPhone 4 comes in at $45 a month with a 4GB cap.  The monthly charge alone is $5 cheaper over the other setup.  After 2 years your total cost is $1778.

So, if you are in the market for both devices you can definetly save some money going with the Hot Spot instead of the iPad 3g. As you can see, the total cost savings over 2 years is enough to pay for your next iPhone.  How you like them apples? (See what I did there?)


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