A Not So Geeky Weekend

Wow, this was a busy weekend, but I got a bunch done.  It wasn’t in any means “geeky”, but it’s all that’s on my mind right now.  I could probably talk about AT&T buying T-Mobile and how funny that seems after all of T-Mobile’s commercials, but I just can’t seem to put any thoughts on it together.  Although, I will be glad to see that girl in the pink dress go away.  She just annoys me.

Friday and Saturday I spent a good amount of my time working on our backyard.  I’ve been wanting to it up ever since we bought the place, but never really had the time nor the motivation to do it.  This time, I’ve got the motivation and a plan, so now it’s just about brut strength.  I’ve now successfully removed 2 large Crepe Myrtles, 2 annoying Holly bushes, a mad scientists experiment of a Rose bush,  a medium size Evergreen, and a completely buried tire (full size, if you are interested).  Apparently this buried treasure was placed in a sandbox some time back and left to be discovered by future generations. Yay me! So now that the demolition is complete I need to spruce up the joint.  Here’s the plan:

Looks good, right?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  I’d explain it, but seriously, the picture says it all.

Sunday, was a bit less strenuous.  My wife won some completely awesome tickets to the Wizards game, so we packed up the family and met my parents at the Verizon Center.  What a treat.  I can’t say that I follow the Wizards that closely, after all they aren’t doing that well, but I may have to start paying attention. John Wall can ball! He’s definitely legit. Wall, even though young and cocky (hopefully goes away over time), already has that clutch cool under pressure thing going for him. He hit the big shots when they need him to, and seemed to be everywhere on defense.  As for the final outcome, the pictures above pretty much sum it up.  It was nice to be able to see one of the few wins the Wizards have had this season.

So, how was your weekend? Thoughts on the AT&T T-Mobile Deal?  If you have any landscaping gardening experience, I’m looking for nice looking plants that work well in the shade, sun, and/or sandy soil.


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