Making Contact

How good is your church at following up with first timers? Keeping track of those who are expressing interest in wanting to know more about a relationship with Christ?  Who’s responsibility is it to follow-up with these people anyway?  You’re using an excel spreadsheet aren’t you?  Well, do I have something to show you.  This is one of my favorite features of Fellowship One, Contact Items.

One of the best use of contact items in Fellowship One is to mimic the information you ask for on your response cards.  This allows your volunteers to input the cards into Fellowship One by simply checking off the corresponding boxes on the F1 form.  Below is a contact form that I created recently for our weekend host team to enter the response cards into F1.  You will see that I have an item for every aspect of the response card.

The really amazing stuff resides in how you setup the contact items.  Each item is associated with a staff member. When the item is checked off on the form and submitted, the staff member responsable for that item gets an email with the congregants contact information and can immediately follow-up.  This email will also contain any note that was included when checking off the box.  I like to think of the amazing case scenario of how this could go.  Lets say Bobbo attends your first service and indicates he wants more information on starting a relationship with Jesus.  After each service you have a group of volunteers entering these response cards into the F1 form.  Now, by clicking that check box, a staff member has been notified of Bobbo’s desire and now has his cell phone number.  Said staff member immediately picks up the phone and gives Bobbo a call.  Turns out, he’s still in the cafe grabbing a bite to eat.  Staff member meets Bobbo in the cafe, and after a half hour conversations leads him to Christ.  Awesome!  Does your spreadsheet do that? 

I can’t say how much I love this.  This tool is so helpful and cuts down so much administrative time that your ministry staff will think you spent a lot of time setting this up for them.  It only took me like 15 minutes, but shhhhh, don’t tell them.  Fellowship One has a lot of great features, but this one has to be the simplest while being the most powerful.  The effect with this feature is immediate, and has the potential to change lives, not just keep track of data.

Devices and software are only as good as the purpose of their use.  You know your purpose, just find the right technology.  So, how are you leveraging the technology you have?


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