WordPress hearts iPad

Well that was a nice surprise.  Over the weekend I hit up my blog on my iPad, and low and behold, it was beautiful.  Here’s some glimpses of the awesomeness:

So if you’re reading my blog on your old standard computer, go out and get an iPad.  It makes my blog look way better.  Trust me, you’ll thank me for it.


3 Responses to WordPress hearts iPad

  1. jasonbaptiste says:

    Hey there! I’m the cofounder of Onswipe, the company that partnered up with WordPress to make this happen. I occasionally do twitter searches for people leaving feedback and came across the post. Your site is gorgeous and makes our job easy :). Seriously, thank you for the kind words, they mean a ton to me and the team.

  2. Linear Fix says:

    That looks really good. Did you have to set the front page image by yourself?

    • seaofgeek says:

      It automatically pulls an image from your latest post. There is, however, an option to place a permanent image there, I just haven’t got around to making one yet.

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