I’m not talking about seconds in a minute, nor minutes in an hour.  This isn’t about how fast I was going in a 35, my favorite athlete’s jersey number, or even how quickly I can steal a car (Mr. Cage, you have nothing on me).  No, today, my Dad turns 60. For the next 8 months I will be half my Dad’s age.  It’s interesting to think about.  Have I achieved as much as he had at this point in his life? Where would I be or what would I be doing if he hadn’t been there for the past 30 years? All I know, is that I’m very thankful for my Dad.  So, Dad, thank you for

  • being at every game, meet, or race
  • coaching me on the court, field, course, and in the back yard
  • letting me help, even when it slowed your process
  • explaining everything, giving me a thirst for knowledge
  • knowing so much useless trivia (really, you should have been on Jeopardy)
  • after a long day at work, coming outside to let me beat you in horse
  • buying that swan computer, beginning of my career
  • knowing when I surpassed you in something and not pretending that wasn’t the case
  • coming to me for advise, you have no idea what that does for my confidence
  • a love of ramen, rice crackers, and sour things
  • teaching me how to split wood, skip stones, and fish
  • “letting” me mow the grass
  • passing along your ease of falling asleep, inability to grow hair on your head, and the altitude to see above a crowd
  • rescuing me from being swept out to sea, and being honest when you couldn’t touch the bottom
  • dragging us to a different Civil War battlefield every vacation
  • showing me that everyone deserved a chance to play, no matter how talented they were
  • not forcing me to play a musical instrument, even though now I wish you would have
  • for reflecting God, with your unconditional love, that no matter what, you loved me

and most importantly, for being my biggest fan, because I’m your biggest fan too.  Happy Birthday!


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