What will you be doing April 16th?  I’ll be at work, but I will definitely be checking in via Foursquare.  This is the second annual Foursquare day.  A day, because of the math, devoted to checking in.  I agree with you, it seems kind of silly, but it is a good way to get yourself another badge.  There are a lot of meetups scheduled around the country, but I’m only in it for the points, so don’t expect me to show up at any of them.  None the less, if you are even the least bit interested, head over to the official site.  So grab your phone (preferably an iPhone), and get out there.  The world is your venue! (They said it, I didn’t)

You get it right? Foursquare, 4 squared, 4×4=16, 4/16.  Just making sure.


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