Personal Theme Music

I’m going out on a limb here, and assuming you sometimes think about how nice it would be if you had your own theme music playing in the background during the day.  Walking down the hall you do a little beat boxing to ease the pain of the silence.  Trust me, I know your anguish.  I too wished my life was like a movie, or at least a Nike ad.  Well, I’ve found the solution.  Actually, it was gifted to me by a close friend who understood the need for theme.  I present to you the Personal Soundtrack shirt.

This master piece of engineering genius (just velcro and plastic) is brought to you by the guys over at ThinkGeek.  It’s a speaker on a shirt.  So simple, you have to wonder why this wasn’t available in the 80s.  Easily removable (for washing) wiring connects the speaker to a remote with 20 pre-recorded tracks.  An internal SD card is easily removable to allow you to program the buttons to play whatever you want.

For our Christmas party this past year I dressed up as Buddy Elf with the Personal Soundtrack Shirt underneath the costume.  Prior to the party I edited the SD card to play some of Buddy’s more famous lines from the movie.  Needless to say, it was huge hit.  The costume or the shirt, you be the judge.

Anyway, here’s a little video about the shirt:

You can order the shirt here. Before you order, a word to the wise for all you married guys out there.  Track 2 on the remote has the complete opposite effect on your wife as you think it would.  Just a heads up.

So, ThinkGeek, hook me up with some swag or some product.  I’ll do some reviews and give some stuff away to my readers.  What do you say?… Please?


One Response to Personal Theme Music

  1. Sydney says:

    You forgot to add how annoying it is for your co-workers when you wear it to work…

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