Location-Based Testimonies

I love it when a new way comes along for sharing Jesus with others.  Sometimes it feels like the technology was meant for it.  Well, in this case it definitely wasn’t created for it, but wow, it’s almost too easy.  You see, location-based social media apps, like Gowalla and Foursquare, were developed for users to share where they are, businesses to deliver deals to regulars, and patrons to rate and give tips to others thinking about stopping by.  Inadvertently these service providers have created another outlet for us to share our stories of how a relationship with Jesus changes ones life.

I started looking into the highlights option with Gowalla and noticed you could note that you proposed or got married at any given location.  “That’s kind of cool”, I thought, and then the lightbulb went on.  What if you recorded other life changing events at the location?  Like, say if you accepted Christ at a Starbucks, park, or open air theater during a youth retreat.

Most of the time our testimonies (a lot of you have very powerful ones) are only employed when we have a bit of someones time to tell it to.  Even my Church pastor’s testimony (amazing) is only good if you can get the CD into someones stereo, or get them in the pew.  Yet now, we can get these testimonies front and center at the point of Check in.

So, I ask you, WHERE did you accept Christ?  Your testimony is location-based after all, and it sure is a highlight.  So record your testimony at the place where it all started and let your faith flag fly.  Think of it this way, the next time some one checks in at that Starbucks they may very well be checking in to Heaven as well.


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