Capitalizing on the Story

Good press is hard to come by for churches, and generating it pretty tricky I would imagine. But here seems to be a simple formula that makes sense (  

“It’s a way to explain what sort of reverberations you may expect from the verb, the thing you do.  The letters stand for…
r1 = reverberations
v = the thing you do
q = quality of your product/service
b = brand warmth 
r0 = reverberations of the last thing you did”
(See article for further explanation)

For the past couple of years our Student Ministry has done a haunted house around Halloween.  This past year I had the pleasure of helping out with it.  They do a great job of documenting what has been done and capitalizing on the reverberations of these events. Here’s the recap video from the 2010 Terror Maze:

What have we done as a church or church body that we can capitalize on the story of? It’s like doubling your return on investment. Thanksgiving outreach? Big youth event? What are we doing in big ways that reflects Christ?  What are the big events at your church?  Are you documenting them? I want to see and share these events with others.  Going viral should be the goal.  Get the people’s attention and then let the gospel do the rest.


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