A little F1 Training

I’m doing an in-house training for our staff members (the day after I get back from DC11) on some more advanced features in Fellowship One.  Here are the topics I’m going to hit (all are subject to change) .  Please comment if you have any other ideas that would be interesting for me to cover or that you think would be helpful.

“10 Things you didn’t know F1 can do for you; moving beyond people records.”

  • Contact Items: It’s all about making sure we follow up.
  • Reports, Reports, Reports (Finding the right one for you)
  • Volunteer Pipeline
  • Webforms (Not just for event registration)
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Online Profile Management
  • Getting Creative with checkin
  • Fellowshipone Mobile App
  • People Lists
  • Power of the Query
  • Bonus: Share it on Facebook.

3 Responses to A little F1 Training

  1. Tara Coulson says:

    Hey Matt! Let us know if there’s anything you need to help with these sessions!
    Tara Coulson
    Customer Training, Fellowship One

  2. Matt says:

    Temp Groups: Your new BFF 🙂

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