Technically Speaking

I’ve always been a technical person.  Most of my career has been in the IT field. Years of help desk support followed up most recently with application analysis.  I’m good at what I do, and I like that.  Let me say it again, I like that I’m good at it.  I didn’t say that I like what I do.

What I like is being creative.  Having original ideas and seeing them come to fruition is what drives me.  From doing puppets in Sunday school, to developing innovative ways to check in the kids, there is a distinct difference in the two things that I excel at.  But which way do I lean, what is it that I really like?

You know when you like what you do because when you get home you continue to do it.  When I was in a help desk role, the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was get onto a computer, let alone fix one.  Most of the guys I worked with had servers in their basements, I just have junk.  What they would play with at home would also help them in their job role, and they enjoyed doing it.  Me, not so much.

So what am I doing when I’m at home?  I’m studying, researching, and just generally soaking up social media.  I can’t read enough blog posts, tweets, or checkins.  I’m constantly monitoring likes, hits, retweets, and klout scores.  It’s not that I’m into the numbers, I just love experimenting with all the tools to see what best connects with people.  This is the stuff that really gets me excited and I see so much power in it.  So many people don’t see it yet, maybe I’m just an “early adopter?”

It couldn’t be more evident than in a conversation I had today.  At lunch with a friend, he told me his company was trying to find different ways to connect with potential clients.  I went into a spiel about using twitter to connect with customers and the power of twitter’s advanced search for finding them.  This seemed like common sense to me, but then it dawned on me, it was here that my technical meets my creative.

I’ve known I’ve been both right and left brained for a long time, but they have always seemed so different.  Social media brings both sides together for me. It’s the bridge that combines the creative with the technical.  I know some of you reading my blog are from the technical side, while others are from the creative side.  So what’s your bridge, or do you live on one side or the other?  True innovation happens when both sides meet, technically speaking.


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