Dynamic Church Conference: Day 1

If you’re church is running Fellowship One for your ChMS you need to be here.  Even if you consider yourself a Fellowship One pro, attending is still a good idea.  There is a lot to be said for mingling with F1 staff and other F1 users that can’t be gained with a support call or ticket (or Idea submission {you know what I mean}).  Below I’m going to share some of my notes from the keynotes and sessions I attended, as well as any insight I can provide based things I heard

Keynote: Jeff Hook

  • In the near future Fellowship One will surpass 2000 churches
  • The amount of report requests is overwhelming. (I can only image)
  • They still have the God sized vision, but are changing their methods for reaching it to leverage what Active Networks brings to the table.
  • Jeff said that Active is “Authentically Passionate” about helping people become active (tehehehe) in body, mind, and soul(that’s where F1) comes in.
  • Jeff then went on to outline some goals they have moving forward.  I may have missed a few along the way, but here’s what I’ve got.
    • Build the best chms, using components Active Networks already has
    • Make F1 more complete through integration
    • Help Churches grow disciples using spiritual growth tools.  Churches need to measure congregational engagement to grasp where they stand.
    • Increase F1 API partnerships
    • Utilize Active Network’s networking affect to help grow churches.
  • He then went on to say something about that we need to motivate people in different ways, since everyone gets motivate to change their behavior by different factors.
  • Overall it was a good keynote.  I was slightly disappointed as I was expecting a Steve Ballmer type entrance, or at least Jeff being lowered down from the ceiling.  There’s always next year.

Session #1: The Virtual Door w/ Steve Drechsler

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect from this session, but I ended up gaining a good amount of ideas and tips to take back with me.  Here’s some of the things I took away:

  • In order to increase the number of people who are being connected, you need to increase the size of your funnel.  Meaning, we need to develop more methods for people to end up in the database.  With that said, measuring EVERYTHING is key.  Retention rate demographics are crucial.
  • Contacts:  Using a contact form instead of posting an email address on your church website.  This allows you to measure how many people are coming through the door (website).  It also allows you to route those information inquires to a particular person and monitor how they are being followed up with.  It’s also good to set up separate forms for each campus or ministry.  Report for keeping track of the contacts: M4010.  Report for getting the url for each contact form so you can post it on your site: A8010
  • Weblink forms:  Weight your multiple choice answers to leverage pivot table reporting. You can embed video into web forms.  You can also insert Facebook Like buttons into your confirmation messages, as well as twitter follow buttons.
  • Giving:  I may have already known this, but wrote it down none the less.  Report for finding first time givers: G1150

Session #2: Introduction to Social Media w/Anthony Coppedge

I know what you’re thinking, “Really Matt, you, an introduction to social media?”  Well, you’re right.  I went to the session because I think Anthony is the Cat’s meow when it comes to social media in the church, and I wanted to see his teaching style.  He also flatters me to no end and I appreciate the ego boost. 🙂  Anyway, if you are reading this before Thursday’s sessions start, I highly advise jumping into one of his other sessions on social media.  You can also hit me up if you want to talk about such things @mattpugh80.  I did take away one really good line from his talk, “If you value influence, you’ll value social media.”  I think this invaluable when trying to get pastors and staff members involved and enjoying the endless possibilities in social media.

Keynote #2

There were some amazing stories shared about other churches using Fellowship One and the direct impact it has on the lives of people they come in contact with.  Some key points I grabbed are as follows:

  • Push F1 back to the ministries.  We can’t create departments to manage the data.  The ministries need to be actively using the system together.
  • Hold people accountable to F1.  Are they following up with contacts?  Do you see them adding attributes or notes to indicate staff interacting with parishioners?  If we aren’t actively keeping up with people coming to the church they will fall through the cracks.  Question them on it.
  • Push the website for increasing online giving.  With that said, you need to have a sharp, easy to navigate website (That’s my addition to it, this one’s free, next time I charge).
  • Ministries partnering together to reach people for Christ.  How are your ministries communicating?  If someone comes to Christ by an outreach from one ministry, are the being plugged into other ministries for discipleship, volunteering, or small groups?

Well those are my notes/thoughts about the stuff I heard today.  Hope it helps.


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