Creative in the morning

I realized recently that I’m most creative in the morning.  This is not a good thing. It flies completely in the face of my current living pattern. I’m a night owl, seldom in bed before 1:00 am. Definitely does not lead to getting up early and banging out a blog post and doing some brainstorming before work.  Add onto that, wanting to run and get a quiet time in also….I’m already tired thinking about it.

When I look at the situation I find that I need two types of motivation. One to get me to bed sooner, and another to get me up earlier.  The latter motivation is already there.  I like blogging and running, so getting up earlier each day would allow me to do that more.  Where I’m lacking is the ability to call it quits for the night and head to bed.

So, my question is for you early bird morning people out there, how do you do it?  I really want to join your club.


3 Responses to Creative in the morning

  1. Marvin says:

    Honestly you just have to do it. It takes about a month and you will get into a habit of it. The key for me is to get up at the same time each day. My only exemption is Saturday morning when I sleep in a little. Also you have to get to bed by 1030 or 11 or you will just die. I find getting up early and hitting the gym first thing is the best way to wake up. If you need a wake up call just let me know!

  2. Cindy says:

    I find it easier to regulate if I don’t ingest caffeine during the day. It takes a few days to go cold turkey on caffeine but if I am sleeping well, and not trying to force awake and alert time, I’m perfectly fine and even more alert without caffeine.

    • seaofgeek says:

      Caffeine could be a problem. I love coffee, and denounce decaf regularly. I do see your point though. I quit caffeine a few years back when training for an Ultra, although my sleep wake hours seemed to stay the same. I was running in the evening and at night, so that could have been what maintained the cycle.

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