Kodak play sport

I got a new toy the other day.  It’s very seldom that I get new toys (I normally have to win them, as in this case too) so I figured a write-up on this piece of tech was in order.  So I present to you the Kodak play sport Zx5.

This thing is pretty sweet.  It shoots full HD (that’s 1080p boy), and not only on land, but underwater too.  For shooting stills, it’s 5 mega pixels and has a pretty nice digital stabilizer.  I really enjoyed using it at the water park, going in and out of the water was no problem.  Lots of funny stares and questions about what kind of camera it was.  I bought a SanDisk Extreme SDHC Class 10 30MB/s 16GB card, and after upgrading the firmware on the camera it worked like a champ.  Very fast.

Now, what kind of review would this be if I didn’t throw up some actual footage taken from the camera?

Shot taken with Kodak play sport while underwater

And then there’s the video.  Now don’t judge.  I wanted a short clip and all I had was a shot of some sheep. It’s in HD, so you might need to head over to vimeo to actually see the quality, but here it is anyway.

Overall, this camera is great.  It’s small, simple, and rugged.  Great for vacations or just sticking in your pocket before going out for the day.  Love it!


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