Don’t be taken for a ride.

I really don’t like cars. Ok, that’s not true. I don’t like when cars start to break down. I’m not talking about 150,000 mile 12-year-old cars. That would make sense. No, I’m talking about my ’04 with 56k on the mileage ticker. Ugh! Who knew some leaking power steering fluid could cause me so much grief and anguish.

To put this into perspective I have to admit, I know very little about the inner workings of cars. I open the hood and go, “Yeah, that’s a motor.” I’m not a complete idiot. I can change a tire, replace some filters, and add some fluids, but that’s where my knowledge and comfort level end.  So, when it comes to taking one of our cars to a mechanic I’m very apprehensive that I’m getting taken for a ride.  How am I suppose to know that you really need to replace that just because it’s making noise?  Is that really how often you need to change that? What’s a timing belt?

Now if we were talking computers, I’m your man. I can even hold my own with home improvement projects. But cars, not so much. So when the going gets rough with the cars I turn to the tech, and by tech I mean my trusty iPhone. I was recently introduced to an app (I love apps) by my very car knowledgable father in law, AutoMD.

AutoMD will help you diagnose your car problems, show you how to repair it yourself, and even give you a price comparison for a professional to do the work if you are unable. Another nice feature is where you can save your cars into the app and it will help you track recalls.

The app gave me a little bit of comfort in knowing the money I dropped to get the problem fixed was probably the right price to pay.  What the app doesn’t do is take away the sting of how much it cost.


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