A Jobs a job

If you just crawled out from under your rock this morning, it’s possible that you missed the news.  Steve Jobs resigned yesterday. Here, wait, I’ll pass you a box of tissues. And by now, like me, you’re watching the Apple stock price plummet.  Every one around you is freaking out, a guy in the next cubical over is investing everything he’s got in Google, and you’ve decided to only drink orange juice from now on. I get it. It stinks. The one guy that changed the way we use technology, twice, is stepping down.  Well here are some reasons, or slaps in the face, to bring you back to your senses and restore hope in what you thought was all loss.

  1. He’s not dead! – Yeah his health is probably failing, hence the reason for the resignation, but it’s not like he has vanished from existence.  Do you really think he won’t still be taking calls from Apple big wigs, or giving his unsolicited opinion over a cup of Starbucks?  In reality, Jobs will remain chairmen of the board, and wants to continue as an Apple employee.  I think he just wants to go to fewer meetings.
  2. Just because he leaves doesn’t mean the vision goes with him! – You’d be an idiot to think Jobs hasn’t been preparing for this day for years.  Yes, he has had some amazing ideas, but creativity is only part of it.  Jobs is a vision caster, and the vision isn’t going anywhere.  You see the vision in the marketing, the product design, and in how the technology works. The vision of apple, or essence, or (as the haters put it) cool aid, is the reason Apple has become so popular.  Apple products aren’t flying off the shelves because Jobs’ face is on them. No, it’s because they work, are easy to use, and we trust them.  The vision will remain, regardless if the man does or not.
  3. Tim Cook’s no slouch!- Let us not forget that Cook as been with Apple since the revisioning took place. It’s not like he’s some competitor’s cast off that likes to go crazy on stage when his boss lets him do the opening speech or anything.  Job’s personally recommended the guy, so come on.
  4. You’re still going to rush out and get the next iPhone!- Oh I know you are, don’t kid yourself. Hey, and guess what, looks like you Sprint customers are getting one this time around too.  Apple’s not going to stop doing what it’s doing because Job’s is gone.  Why would you mess with a model that has all of your products selling fantastically, and either separating further from the closest competitor, or constantly closing on the top rival.
  5. What are you reading this on?- Seriously? iPad? iPhone? iMac? Macbook? If I was to do a podcast would you listen to it on your iPod? You have an apple product, and I know you want another one.

So, calm down people.  Apple will continue to be at the top of its game, even without Jobs at the helm.  The stock price will come back up after everyone calms down, the new iPhone will still come out, and after all, Jobs still has an oar.


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