The Comment Killer

It’s happened to you. You’ve just thought up a funny anecdote of a life experience and you’re laughing just typing it out. This could be the most perfect status update ever. It’s going to be amazing. You’re going to get at least 20 comments on this one. Fifteen likes, easy. You hit share, and just sit back to watch the comments come streaming in.

One comment. Two comments. Three comments. Awesome….. But then it happens. Like an orca feasting on a pack of unsuspecting seals. The Comment Killer! That one comment, in which after being added to the thread, eliminates even the remotest possibility of anyone else adding to the post.

You know the comment I’m talking about. You’re even remembering, right now, an exact instance in which this happened to you. Whether it was a picture, link, or update it really makes you wonder why facebook doesn’t allow you to remove other people’s comments without them knowing it. Because the way it is right now is kind of awkward. “Uh dude, what happened to my comment?” “I don’t know, must have just disappeared. Weird!”

From what I can tell, these comments tend to be slightly off topic, or inside jokes whereby the rest of the commentors are in the dark. Comment killers can also come in the form of a legitimate on topic comment that the poster didn’t realize had a double meaning.

Now I’m not trying to point the finger at just one person, I think we have all been guilty of a comment killer at one time or another. As a well versed poet once said, “Knowing is half the battle.” Consider yourself now aware of this most pressing issue. I’ll do my best not to kill your comments, so please don’t kill mine. Deal?


3 Responses to The Comment Killer

  1. Cindy says:

    hmmmm – so thinking how I could kill this comment stream before it even starts ;oP

  2. Lee Pugh says:

    Misericordia. Sadly, there are folks who will use the Facebook “comment” as a bully pulpit. The comments can be totally out of the context of the original posting which gets confusing and embarassing. They can be a malicious attempt to belittle. It is their problem though and not the page author’s. I wonder if most folks can see through the veil most of the time. Facebook is a social medium just like talking in a small group abut not face to face. Therein lies the problem. It’s safe and out of reach until the next time there is eyeball to eyeball. I hope and pray that perpetrators of the venomous “comment” will have their eyes opened to the ethic of not submitting anything they would not say in person. That’s a social grace and perhaps a failing of the adult world in appropriate rearing our offspring. The answer that is not acceptable is censorship. On Facebook, we don’t have to take everyone on as a “friend”, but once we do, we leave ourselves open to social mayhem. May grace prevail.

    • seaofgeek says:

      This is an interesting take on the topic. Not exactly what I was going for, but none the less true. At some time or another we have probably all dealt with something like this. In the end, is it worth the hassle of dealing with someone taking it to a mean hateful level, or do we just hit the unfriend button?

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