Flagged Offenders

If your church is anything like mine, you take keeping your children safe as the utmost priority on any given Sunday.  In children’s ministry you have safe guards in place to make sure those individuals that should not be working with kids, don’t.  As a user of Fellowshipone, we have several processes in place that help us know whom these individuals are.  Until recently we had been using the profile picture:

This worked great.  It stood out brilliantly when you were looking at someone’s profile, alerting you to seek further information on why they were flagged.  Well all of that had to change upon the introduction of groups 2.0 and the infellowship portal.

Since a user is now able to edit their own profiles, they can see and change this picture.  This can be bad for one of two reasons:

  1. The user can see that they are flagged and it creates that awkward moment of them asking why they are, even if it’s a mundane thing not related to security.
  2. The user can now remove the flag all together by adding their own personal picture.

I didn’t realize this potential problem until I was playing with the church directory option and seeing what I could do with one of our testusers (thankfully flagged). Now I had to find a different way of flagging and individual while still maintaining the high visibility of the flag on the record.

I started by creating a new ministry called !RED FLAG!!!!!.  I locked down the ministry write permissions to only allow myself to make an assignment to it.  I then created an activity called RED FLAG!!!!!, a schedule called RED FLAG!!!!(that occurs all day, every day), a RLC Group called RED FLAG, and a RLC called RED FLAG!.  I then went in and created a volunteer job called RED FLAG! and set it to assign to activity schedule.

Now all I have to do is assign the flagged individual to that job and the following appears in the Involvement section of their profile:

It’s red because it’s a volunteer assignment not a participant assignment, and a line because the schedule is set for all day everyday. I actually think this stands out more than what we originally did with the picture.

Hope that helps.


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