iPhone 4s – What’s missing?

[Disclaimer] I started writing this post the day after the iPhone 4s announcement, and finished it following the release.

Well that was an exciting day. We got to see Tim Cook on stage, hear about iOS5 again, learn how much butt apple is kicking, and get introduced to the lack luster iPhone 4s.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a remarkable phone.  The camera looks to be amazing, and Siri sounds like it will never let me forget about my wife’s birthday. Like I would ever do that. But lets face it, we were all waiting for a “one more thing”.

I wanted to see the iPhone “5” blow me away.

What I believe the latest iteration of the iPhone family, and the whole iOS platform for that matter, is missing is complete device integration.  Being able to back up all data to the cloud for each device is one thing, but I want the devices to work together.

What would this look like you may ask?

Imagine wearing an iPod nano on your wrist that displayed incoming texts, tweets, and comments from your iPhone.  It would be such an unobtrusive way to see what that buzz was in your pocket without distracting from what you were doing. Or, imagine being able to check-in on foursquare just by taping your wrist. The possibilities are endless.

So, Apple, I’d gladly come and share some of my other ideas with you if the price is right.

For everyone else, what other things could you see total device integration leading to?



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