Geek Gift Spotlight: The Ultimate Thumb Drive

Woohoo! Christmas is right around the corner and that has me thinking about the dream team of geek gifts I would love to give to you my readers. Or, that I would like to receive in appreciation of my writing prowess.  Either way, it’s not likely either of us will be getting these, therefore we can dream big. Each week till Christmas I’m going to spotlight one of these great gift ideas, or at least until I get bored with doing so (Not likely).

For the first installment, I present to you the Victorinox Presentation Master Flight.

When it comes to thumb drives, I dare you to find one much cooler than this.

  • Password Protection
  • Biometric Scan
  • Bluetooth Presentation Controller
  • Laser Pointer
  • Available in 8,16,32,64, and 128 GB flavors

But the best feature of all is the self-destruct function.  If the drive determines it’s being hacked, it will draw enough electricity from the USB port to fry itself.

Eat your heart out Ethan Hunt.

Check out the entire line of Swiss Army thumb drives, and put me down for two (Hey, one for me and one for a give away.  I’m thinking of you after all.).

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2 Responses to Geek Gift Spotlight: The Ultimate Thumb Drive

  1. rjslick88 says:

    This gift is wicked, I think I will put it on my wish list this year for christmas

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