Geek Gift Spotlight: Looxcie

Have you ever had something happen where you were like, “Oh man, I should have been recording that!” Yeah, just happened to me the other day. A coworker, who will remain nameless, went in to a tirade about Texas football.  It was epic. I mean, if I had recorded that, it would have gone viral. You had to have been there.  Well, good news for you, in the future you can.  All thanks to the Looxcie.

Sure, at first this sounded kind of creepy to me. A camera you wear that records your every move? Truth is, it’s actually caching the video and will record the previous 30 seconds when all of a sudden something awesome happens.  You can also immediately send that completely amazing event that just happened to your social media networks with another click of the button.

If you are in to the whole broadcast your life thing, the Looxcie also has a live cast option as well.  I have to say, the more I think about the potential for capturing all the funny things that happen to me, this gadget has a lot of appeal.

Yeah, that just happened, and this time I got it on film. YouTube, here I come.

Seriously, someone get me this.

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2 Responses to Geek Gift Spotlight: Looxcie

  1. Sydney says:

    Ok, you are officially a geek!

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