From Klout to iPhone: How to physically manifest your social media influence

You know the old adage, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”?  Well, that may be true, but there is such a thing as a free iPhone, thanks to

Now that I’ve got your attention (FREE IPHONE), I have to be honest. did not give me an iPhone, but Microsoft sent me a Windows phone because of my klout score and my influence in technology.  Through Klout’s perks program, businesses can connect with social media influencers to help bolster the buzz about their latest products or services.  Since klout started offering perks I’ve received early entrance to new online services, contest entries, a book (to be given away soon on this blog), and the Windows phone.  It’s nice to finally be noticed for what I do well, talk about the things I like.

Now, back to how I turned a Windows phone into an iPhone.

Earlier this year I broke up with Microsoft, so I really had no interest in using a Windows phone. In addition, I found it to be too complicated to change settings and the user interface too cumbersome. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the simplicity of the iPhone.

Anyway, the question became, what to do with the phone?

Because cellular providers subsidize the cost of a cell phone when signing up for a 2 year agreement, a $400 phone can be free when locking in for 2 years. This was the case for the Windows phone (Samsung Focus) I received. When signing up you could get it for free, but I wanted to sell it and use the proceeds to get my wife the iPhone 4s for Christmas. When I hit up Craigslist there didn’t seem to be much of a market for Windows phones, but I gave it a shot anyway.

On Christmas Eve I sold the Windows phone and was able to get the iPhone under the tree for my very surprised wife. Pretty good upgrade if you ask me.

Note: In doing all of this craigslist dealing it occurred to me that you can continue to sell your used iPhone each time you upgrade to completely cover the cost of the subsidized new one.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

So, has your influence gotten you anything cool?


2 Responses to From Klout to iPhone: How to physically manifest your social media influence

  1. I got a iPhone screen protector, an Axe hair spread and $10 off at LeftLane sports. Though I still don’t understand how they figure out Perk qualifications

    • Matt Pugh says:

      Well they base it off of what you’re influential in. What’s going to be interesting is that you can add categories to your profile yourself now. Businesses giving away stuff will probably have to pay more attention to +K’s and overall scores.

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