Aeroshot: Because You Needed Another Way To Ingest Caffeine

Have you ever signed up for something and then felt that you were going to regret it?  You know, not immediately, but later on when that something comes in the mail and you decide to inhale the unknown substance only realizing afterwards that you weren’t supposed to breathe it in? Yeah, me too.

Needless to say, I’m talking about the experience I had with my free sample of Aeroshot. The premise behind the product is that it’s an energy “mist” (Caffeine) that you inhale. By inhale they really mean, puff it in to your mouth so the powder can dissolve in your saliva and then you swallow it. Problem is the directions aren’t that clear.

All choking aside, I like the idea and the design of the container is pretty cool. The initial flavor of the powder was ok (I had a lime flavor, not sure what other flavors there are), but then you get the bitter taste of the caffeine. I asked the Aeroshot people, via twitter, about the taste and their response was, “take a drink of water”…… Yeah, kind of figured that, thanks.

I was expecting more of a jolt of energy or caffeine buzz than what I got, but I was surprised on how long it lasted. I continued to feel the effects of the Aeroshot long after my normal cup of coffee would wear off.

All in all, I see the Aeroshot as being more of a gimmick than a sustainable energy solution. A cup of coffee is way more enjoyable. But, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a few of those little shots around in case of an energy emergency.

Will you try it?


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