Windows Phone Giveaway [Contest]

So here goes nothing, my first giveaway on the blog, and it’s a big one. Wish me luck, and to you as well.

Since I’m not a big fan of beating around the bush, here’s what you’ll win: a brand new Samsung Focus

The Samsung Focus is a Windows Phone 7. It does all the things a smart phone should do, besides brew coffee. Wouldn’t that be cool? If you want a full list of the specs and features, head on over to Samsung’s website and check it out.

Now, for how you’ll enter the contest.

*Note: Contest only open to people living with in the USA. That’s the 50 states. Main reason for that, is I pledged my allegiance to the USPS and their flat rate shipping. So, sorry all my international friends.  Maybe next time.

To enter, you will need to do one (or multiple!) of the following:

  1. Follow: @mattpugh80 on twitter.
  2. Tweet: I just entered to win a Windows Phone from @mattpugh80 at the @seaofgeek To enter, visit #sogeekgiveaway
  3. Like: The Sea of Geek facebook fan page.
  4. Subscribe: Sign up to receive an email update every time there’s a new post from the sea of geek.

Important (This completes your entry): After following, tweeting, liking, subscribing, or any combination of the above, leave one comment below for each method of entry, listing said method and your name for verification. If you list multiple entries within one comment it will only be counted as one entry. If you’re doing the math, there is a maximum of 4 entries per person.

There you have it people. Get those entries in because I’ll only be accepting them until Monday January 30th 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. I’ll contact the winner by the winning entry method to obtain their shipping address.


132 Responses to Windows Phone Giveaway [Contest]

  1. Moe says:

    I was already following you, but that still counts as one entry right? 🙂

  2. Moe says:

    I tweeted for a second entry.

  3. Moe says:

    I liked the Facebook page.

  4. Jaime Austin says:

    Follow: @mattpugh80 on twitter.
    I am “Jaime Austin”

  5. Jaime Austin says:

    i am “Jaime Austin”

  6. Already following you on twitter .. that counts right?

  7. Followed (the_fly68)

  8. Scott Craft says:

    Followed on twitter. @mscottcraft

  9. Janice says:


  10. Debbie C says:

    @chrisdeglen tweeted:!/chrisdeglen/status/161798285886103552

  11. Marvin says:

    I tweeted.

  12. Debbie C says:

    I like you on Facebook. Debbie Christie


  13. Marvin says:

    I already follow you on Twitter…well I try…

  14. Marvin says:

    I liked your page on FB.

  15. Marvin says:

    I signed up for email notifications – although you blog is yelling at me for posting comments too quickly…

  16. Glenn Travis says:

    I liked Sea of Geek fan page.

  17. Glenn Travis says:

    I followed @mattpugh80 on twitter

  18. Glenn Travis says:

    I subscribed to email notifications.

  19. redrings says:

    I followed @mattpugh80 on twitter

  20. redrings says:


    I just entered to win a Windows Phone from @mattpugh80 at the @seaofgeek To enter, visit #sogeekgiveaway

  21. redrings says:

    I liked sea of geek on facebook

  22. 1. Followed!

    My name is “Austin Creely”
    My Twitter username: AustinCreely

  23. 2. Tweeted!

    My name is “Austin Creely”
    My Twitter username: AustinCreely

  24. 3. Liked!

    My name is “Austin Creely”
    My Facebook username: Austin Creely
    My facebook userpage: www(dot)facebook(dot)com/austin.creely

  25. 4. Subscribed!

    My name is “Austin Creely”
    My email: auscreely(at)yahoo(dot)com

  26. Peter S says:

    Liked your page on FB.

  27. Peter S says:

    Following you on twitter: @paschott

  28. Lakshminarayanan says:

    1) Following in Twitter – blaksnar
    2) Believe I subscribed. Put in my email and clicked subscribe and it launched your RSS feedburner page for some reason. Not sure it’s a bug.

  29. estelgrace says:

    Did all 4!

    DM me on Twitter (username link)


  30. Elden W says:

    Followed on twitter @Ewilliams12

  31. Elden W says:

    Liked on FB

  32. Elden W says:

    subscribed to site updates

  33. Elden W says:

    tweeted out the contest:

  34. I followed you on Twitter (Kimmer02)

  35. I liked your facebook page!

  36. maia. says:

    I like your page on Facebook

  37. maia. says:

    I subscribed to your blog via email.

  38. Paul says:

    Paul Amash Jr
    I “Liked” your facebook page

  39. Paul says:

    Paul Amash Jr
    I Tweeted your message Via @valmont325

  40. Paul says:

    Paul Amash Jr
    I Followed you on twitter via @valmont325

  41. Paul says:

    Paul Amash Jr
    I subscribed to subscribed to receive email updates

  42. Amanda says:

    I liked you on Facebook!

  43. Amanda says:

    I subscribed to your blog!

  44. Amanda says:

    I tweeted!

  45. Amanda says:

    I’m following you on Twitter!

  46. kristina says:

    liked and subscribed

  47. kim J says:

    I followed on twitter

  48. kim J says:

    I liked on FB

  49. kim J says:

    I subscribed to newsletter

  50. kim J says:

    I tweeted the contest.

  51. Laurie Thompson says:

    Follow on Twitter

  52. Laurie Thompson says:

    Like on Facebook

  53. Laurie Thompson says:


  54. Laurie Thompson says:

    Subscribed to e-mail updates

  55. I followed and re-tweeted your message, but your shortened URL is broken. It’s returning a 404 error.

  56. Faheem Smart says:

    I also liked your FB page.

  57. kimlavigne says:

    I followed @mattpugh80 with @freedomwalker77

  58. kimlavigne says:

    I tweeted I just entered to win a Windows Phone from @mattpugh80 at the @seaofgeek To enter, visit #sogeekgiveaway with @freedomwalker77

  59. kimlavigne says:

    I liked The Sea of Geek facebook fan page with my personal account Kim Lavigne

  60. kimlavigne says:

    I suscribed to this blog under my name kimlavigne 😉

  61. Jamey Reynolds says:

    Following you on Twitter

  62. Jamey Reynolds says:


  63. Jamey Reynolds says:

    Like you on Facebook

  64. Jamey Reynolds says:

    Subscribed to your emails

  65. april j says:

    liked on facebook

  66. april j says:

    followed on twitter @luckyforcake

  67. april j says:

    tweeted about giveaway

  68. april j says:

    subscribed to updates via email

  69. Ruben Alvarez says:

    Subscribed to email updates on my rubjr85(@) account

  70. Ruben Alvarez says:

    I am following @mattpugh80 on my twitter (rubenalvjr) and tweeted the announcement!/rubenalvjr/status/162757862500741120

  71. Marilyn J says:

    I liked on FB

  72. Marilyn J says:

    I am following on twitter

  73. Marilyn J says:

    I tweeted

  74. Marilyn J says:

    I subscribed to your updates

  75. david says:

    followed you on twitter via isola1954

  76. david says:

    tweeted about your contest from @isola1954

  77. Latonya R says:

    follow on twitter @vivaciousgold

  78. Latonya R says:

    i like on fb as livivua chandler

  79. Latonya R says:

    I subscribe with address provided on form!

  80. susan says:


  81. susan says:


  82. Annette D says:

    Following on twitter @annedoggett

  83. Rico Scott says:

    Followed via Twitter.

  84. Rico Scott says:

    Retweeted (@ricoscott)

  85. Follow on twitter!/KizakiHero
    I have also posted your tweet
    I subscribed to your newsletter
    And I liked your page!

  86. following. @samanthacave

  87. Karen Farrow says:

    Follow @mattpugh80 on twitter – 01GAramairTA

  88. shaunie says:

    I would love to win this phone. A great one!!

  89. Jaime Austin says:

    Liked the sea of geek facebook page.

    I am Jaime Austin

  90. tina reynolds says:

    i like on facebook (denise reynolds)

  91. tina reynolds says:

    i subscribe by email

  92. shaunie says:

    I would love to win this phone. A great one!!
    I followed @mattpugh80 on twitter
    I tweetedthe message:!/sandyhills25/status/164060500911599617
    I liked the Sea of Geek Fanpage
    I subscribed by email

  93. Krysta says:

    Follow you on twitter @misskrys1999

  94. Brian Norberg says:

    @geekycrooner followed @mattpugh80… Don’t look now… I’m right behind you

  95. Brian Norberg says:

    I sure did “Like” that facebook fan page. In fact, if there were a,”Love you, man” button, I would’ve clicked it too!

  96. Brian Norberg says:

    I subscribed to your blog updates with my hotmail account further proving my eligibility and eagerness to use a M$ phone.

  97. Brian Norberg says:

    @geekycrooner is all a-twitter about the giveaway. Check my feed if you don’t believe me.

  98. Lizzy W says:

    followed on twitter

  99. Lizzy W says:


  100. Lizzy W says:

    subscribed to your updates.

  101. Jane W says:

    followed on twitter

  102. Jane W says:


  103. Jane W says:

    subscribed. Thanks for the contest! Nice prize! Good luck to all.

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