Coffee Mugs

We all have one. That one special cup which shows your personality, alma mater, or your recent selection as Worlds’ Greatest <insert title here>. The crowning achievement of all things ceramic does not deserve to collect dust up on your shelf, nor does it deserve to hide in the dark recesses of your desk. It needs to mightily guard your hot beverage of choice, to not only be the vessel of liquid energy, but also, a natural extension of your ill equipped hand. It deserves to be seen.

For this is the chalice of morning life. The first meeting of the day. A refuge for the weary.

This, is the Mug!

Then why, why do they put the picture ON THE WRONG SIDE?!?!?!

I know what my mug says. I don’t need to be reminded of where I went to school. I already know I’m the worlds greatest. Yep, still visited Disney World back in 2010. No, I want everyone else to see my dog fluffy. They need to know this is the 19th hole. Why yes, I am the worlds best boss, and I do hate Mondays.

It’s a left hand conspiracy I tell you. Sure, mugs work for them. I get to see what their mugs are all about while watching them sip their java. But what do they learn about me? Nothing, just a plain purple surface.

Thanks a lot mug, thanks a lot.


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