Camera Awesome

I’m not one for messing with a good thing. I don’t keep M&M’s in my hand to see if they melt, I’ve never squeezed the Charmin, and you won’t find me watching any of the sequels to Beethoven. It just can’t get any better than a huge St.Bernard and Charles Grodin. That’s why I’ve never tried any other camera app on the iPhone besides the native one. It works great, it’s simple, and there’s nothing to set up. Then I came across Camera Awesome.

Camera Awesome has some pretty awesome features:

  • Separate Focus and Expose points – As opposed to the native camera on the iPhone, which makes the focal point and exposure points the same, Camera Awesome allows you to separate them. This is great for when you want to focus on the light object in the shot, but don’t want to darken the rest of the image.
  • Built in level – How awesome is that? Stop taking those slightly tilted photos, get a completely level photo when hanging out of your car window traveling at a high rate of speed. Not that I condone that kind of behavior, but when you need to get the shot, you need to get the shot.  Needless to say, it can come in handy.
  • Awesomizer – What would a camera app called Camera Awesome be without a feature that let you instantly make your photos awesome? Ok, that might be saying too much, because if you can’t take a well composed shot, then no app is going help. What this feature does is combine a contrast/sharpness/hue slider into one and lets you set the level of awesomeness. The picture above gives a great comparison.
  • Composition Templates – Tired of the rule of thirds? Yeah me too. Why not jazz up your photos with a little Golden or Trisec pattern. You’ll just have to try them to see what happens.
  • Bursts and Timers – Ever wanted to take a quick session of photos to make sure you didn’t miss the perfect moment? Well you can with this app. You can also set a timer so you can run and get in the picture yourself.
  • Pre-Record Video – I know you’ve missed your kids winning shot because you were waiting for the camera to start recording video. Well, no longer. Just set the video recorder to pre-record and you will always get 5 seconds of footage before you hit the record button.

There are plenty of other features packed into this camera app as well as tons of options for editing your photos after the shot. But, the best part about this app is that it’s FREE. Awesome!

Note: Not sure how long this post will remain up as I believe I’ve broken laws, in several states, for the over use of the word awesome (and its derivatives) in one post. Share it while you can. 


3 Responses to Camera Awesome

  1. I like Camera Awesome however, I quickly realized that they charge you to use all the cool features.. Have you tried Instagram yet? It’s completely free and has really neat filters.

    • Matt Pugh says:

      The additional pay features are nice, but I have other apps that can handle that post production stuff. I love Instagram,but use Camera Awesome to take the picture before passing it off to Instagram.

  2. owenpaun says:

    I definitely like Camera Awesome, but how do you think it stacks up against Camera+? Other than the fact that Camera+ costs money up front?

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