DC12 Mobile Check-in Teaser

I have the honor of teaching a few classes at this years Dynamic Church Conference, and I’m totally psyched! To help drum up some buzz about the class I’m teaching with my buddy Scott, I made this little teaser.



De-duplication made easy in Fellowship One

So my friend Brian Vinson has come up with a great way to find all of those pesky duplicate entries in your Fellowship One database.  He’s even asked me to post his recipe here at the Sea of Geek so you could all take advantage of it.  I’ve been playing with it all morning and it’s pretty impressive. Read more of this post

Flagged Offenders

If your church is anything like mine, you take keeping your children safe as the utmost priority on any given Sunday.  In children’s ministry you have safe guards in place to make sure those individuals that should not be working with kids, don’t.  As a user of Fellowshipone, we have several processes in place that help us know whom these individuals are.  Until recently we had been using the profile picture: Read more of this post

Yet Another Fellowship One Plug.

Well this time it’s because I’m in it. Below are the videos Matt Knisely put together, featuring me. It was a fun shoot and he did a great job of asking the right questions.

Make sure you run over to Fellowship One’s Vimeo stream to catch the rest of the testimonials.

Magic Makers

If you are reading my blog you are probably someone who deals with technology, social media, or one of my friends whom I’ve convinced that my blog is something you would like to read.  Being in technology or social media, what we deal with on an every day basis isn’t, in and of itself, the end goal.  The technology we play with, or take for granted, is just a tool.  Our purpose being in these fields is to be able to explain to someone how these tools can benefit them, and how they can leverage the technology to help with or emphasize something that aligns with their vision.

Every day I feel I’m tasked with showing someone a new technology that will better their ministry.  Better their reach to non believers and meet the needs of those in the church.  That’s my job, that’s my ministry, it’s what I’ve been called to do. I get so energized when I’m able to do that and see someone benefit from the technology that I’m accustom to but may be a foreign language to them.  Seeing the light bulb go on for someone whom I’m talking to, and see them realize the potential of how much greater their vision becomes because of these tools, brings me no greater joy in my job.

Yet, that’s our goal as being creative, social media, or technology people.  It’s not just to play with, it’s to make people realize the potential in what these technologies can bring. Technology (tools, applications) is not here to replace something ministry workers do, but something they can leverage.  That’s powerful.  It’s an honor to have our minds wired that way. That we’d understand and be able to demonstrate the possibilities.  Allowing us to think big and outside the box.  Become magic makers.

So my question is, what magic are you making?  How are you leveraging the tools you know so well to impact someone elses vision, ministry, or goals?  I don’t directly reach people for Christ.  I don’t. I’m not on the front line.  But that’s ok. I show people who are making those connections the tools to do it easier, make things simpler, how to increase their ability to meet their vision.  Showing them this is the magic.

It’s very important, we play a very crucial role in this.  We, the magic makers, are the innovators.  We’re coming up with the new ideas.  We’re the big picture thinkers.  Those engrained in the ministry have a very narrow mindset, not that that’s bad, but they are very focused.  We are the ones able to think outside the box and come up with those new ideas, and then refocus the vision in light of the tools that are available.  It’s a very important role that we can’t take lightly.

What big ideas are you coming up with?  How are you thinking outside the box?  It’s critical. I want to hear your stories, I want to see what you’re doing that’s being so impactful in other people’s ministries.  That kind of stuff energizes me, it gets me fired up.  It makes me want to get my ideas down on paper and see them realized.  So what are you doing?  How are you a magic maker?

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