Fun With The Dyson Air Multiplier

I know you’ve seen these guys around. They’re all the rage at the entrance of Bed Bath and Beyond.

Turns out they’re not only good for cooling yourself down, but for entertaining the engineers over at Dyson as well. Read more of this post


Geek Gift Spotlight: PlugBug

We Geek’s love our gadgets right? One problem with that love affair comes when we travel.  You have to tote all of those pesky chargers around, and then you’re forced to play find all the outlets in the hotel room game.  Read more of this post

Hello World

Who want’s one? I do, I do? Read more of this post

Sharp Dressed Man

It’s about time, Football Season! Now, I’m normally more of an NFL fan, but this year college football has my interests peaked. Not for the sport, but for the uniforms.  Nike has come out with some pretty sweet gear this season and has some of the top teams in college football sporting it. Read more of this post

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