Follow the Leader?

Follow the leader

I’m starting to notice an interesting trend in the people who are following me on twitter. Sure, I have people who follow me I don’t know. Nothing wrong with that. What’s interesting is that many of these individuals are so called Leadership coaches.

On the surface this doesn’t seem all that strange, but when I started to think about it more, I realized how ridiculous this was. We have to remember that one of the easiest ways to get new followers is to follow them first. Studies show that by using this method you will probably gain 1 out of 4 follow backs, as it’s common courtesy in the twitter world to follow back.

With that in mind I started looking into these “Leadership coaches” follow ratios. Most of these individuals tended to be following more people than were following them. This begs the question, how much of a leader are you if you have to follow others so they follow you?

Real leaders gain followers, on and off twitter, because of who they are. It’s their character, drive, knowledge, and ideas that inspire others to listen and follow, not some cheap marketing ploy.

So if you’re new to twitter or have already hit the 5000 tweet mark, join with me in not following these self proclaimed leaders. If someone has to go so far as to say they are a leader in something, they’re probably not.


No PR for QR

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10 Twitter Rules For Businesses

I’m a huge proponent of Twitter. I use it for personal communications, collaboration, research, and it has become my main source of news. Twitter is the great communication equalizer. It doesn’t matter if your President Obama or Aunt Ruth, we all have the potential for being heard. One tweet can do a lot of damage, or a lot of good. This is why businesses have to pay attention to Twitter.

Recently, I’ve had a really good experience with a business over Twitter, as well as a not so pleasant one. This got me thinking about my dealings with other businesses and how they have approached using Twitter. Read more of this post


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Geeks vs. Nerds [Infographic]

This is probably the best Geek/Nerd comparison to date. My only complaint would be the movie list for geeks. Check it out.

You obviously know where I stand on this.

[Image via Daily Infographic]

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