Superhero Infographic


Thanks a lot science. Way to kill my dreams of developing super powers.

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The Greatest Rivalry In Tech History

There have been many great rivalries over the years. PC vs Mac, Lakers vs Celtics, U.S.A vs U.S.S.R, and Charlie Sheen vs himself. But one of the most important rivalries in the history of technology is very seldom talked about, Edison vs Tesla.

Let’s take a look shall we? Read more of this post

Open Challenge to

My friend Owen Paun has a pretty epic beard and wants to see if can keep up with it. If you haven’t seen Dollar Shave Club’s viral commercial, head on over to their site and then check out Owen’s challenge below.

Time Travel

Charging up your flux capacitor? Jumping in that strange phone booth? Brushing up on your H.G. Wells? No matter how you do your time traveling you need to be prepared.  That’s why I’ve installed this little beauty in every Delorean I own. Read more of this post

Game Console for the True Geek

I know what you’re thinking, “Doesn’t that go without saying?” Well, you’re right. There isn’t anything geekier than playing video games, until now. Take the geeks favorite movie and combine it with the most technologically advance game system yet and what do you get? This: Read more of this post

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