DC12 Mobile Check-in Teaser

I have the honor of teaching a few classes at this years Dynamic Church Conference, and I’m totally psyched! To help drum up some buzz about the class I’m teaching with my buddy Scott, I made this little teaser.


Open Challenge to Dollarshaveclub.com

My friend Owen Paun has a pretty epic beard and wants to see if Dollarshaveclub.com can keep up with it. If you haven’t seen Dollar Shave Club’s viral commercial, head on over to their site and then check out Owen’s challenge below.

Time Travel

Charging up your flux capacitor? Jumping in that strange phone booth? Brushing up on your H.G. Wells? No matter how you do your time traveling you need to be prepared.  That’s why I’ve installed this little beauty in every Delorean I own. Read more of this post

No PR for QR

Here’s the problem we face, no one knows what these strange boxes are. Well, saying no one is a little to harsh, it’s more like 1 out of 5 of us know what they are. The percentage gets even lower when you figure in how many of the 1 in 5 actually scan them.  Needless to say, QR has a major PR problem. Read more of this post

Camera Awesome

I’m not one for messing with a good thing. I don’t keep M&M’s in my hand to see if they melt, I’ve never squeezed the Charmin, and you won’t find me watching any of the sequels to Beethoven. It just can’t get any better than a huge St.Bernard and Charles Grodin. That’s why I’ve never tried any other camera app on the iPhone besides the native one. It works great, it’s simple, and there’s nothing to set up. Then I came across Camera Awesome. Read more of this post

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