Game Console for the True Geek

I know what you’re thinking, “Doesn’t that go without saying?” Well, you’re right. There isn’t anything geekier than playing video games, until now. Take the geeks favorite movie and combine it with the most technologically advance game system yet and what do you get? This: Read more of this post


Coffee Mugs

We all have one. That one special cup which shows your personality, alma mater, or your recent selection as Worlds’ Greatest <insert title here>. The crowning achievement of all things ceramic does not deserve to collect dust up on your shelf, nor does it deserve to hide in the dark recesses of your desk. It needs to mightily guard your hot beverage of choice, to not only be the vessel of liquid energy, but also, a natural extension of your ill equipped hand. It deserves to be seen. Read more of this post

AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

That’s right people. The tallest of the blue groups will be joining the lions, tiger, and bears. Oh my! James Cameron and his team will be working alongside Disney imagineers to bring Avatar to life in the Animal Kingdom.

Now, I liked the movie, but wasn’t all caught up in the hype. Disney could make this amazing if done right. Can you imagine, a 3D simulator where you control an Avatar in an augmented reality adventure through the Animal Kingdom? I can, and now anything less will be greatly disappointing. Go big or go home, and with Cameron involved, I’d expect they’d go big.

It would appear that they are still in the planning stages, but have a soft construction start date in 2013. You can read more about the joint venture over at the Disney Parks blog.

What do you think this Avatar adventure will be like?

The Winner of the Samsung Focus is…

Lizzy W


Thank you to all who participated in this contest. It was a great experience for me and I hope you all stick around and continue to visit the Sea of Geek.

10 Twitter Rules For Businesses

I’m a huge proponent of Twitter. I use it for personal communications, collaboration, research, and it has become my main source of news. Twitter is the great communication equalizer. It doesn’t matter if your President Obama or Aunt Ruth, we all have the potential for being heard. One tweet can do a lot of damage, or a lot of good. This is why businesses have to pay attention to Twitter.

Recently, I’ve had a really good experience with a business over Twitter, as well as a not so pleasant one. This got me thinking about my dealings with other businesses and how they have approached using Twitter. Read more of this post

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