Camera Awesome

I’m not one for messing with a good thing. I don’t keep M&M’s in my hand to see if they melt, I’ve never squeezed the Charmin, and you won’t find me watching any of the sequels to Beethoven. It just can’t get any better than a huge St.Bernard and Charles Grodin. That’s why I’ve never tried any other camera app on the iPhone besides the native one. It works great, it’s simple, and there’s nothing to set up. Then I came across Camera Awesome. Read more of this post


My Favorite iPad apps

Actual screen shot from my iPad.

So regardless if you just got an iPad for Christmas, or are waiting for the iPad 2 to come out, read this post. I’ve had my iPad for about 7 months now and have seen many apps come and go across my screen.  I’m going to share some of my favorites, or basically the ones that have had staying power and that I use regularly. Read more of this post

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