iPad an Hour Giveaway

Woah woah woah! Let’s get this out of the way right now. I’m not giving away any iPads. The great people over at zagg.com are the ones with the disposable income to pull this one off.

On black friday this year, zagg.com is giving away an iPad 2 every hour. That’s 24 iPads over the span of 24 hours. It’s like an iPad every 60 minutes. Kind of like…. well you get the drift. Starting November 25th you can register to win.

Now, here’s the deal. If you win because you went over to zagg after reading this, you have to leave me a comment telling me so. I just want to know if one of my readers wins.

Good Luck!

So you want an iPhone and an iPad do you?

I’m currently waiting for my iPhone to update to the latest version, so lets take this opportunity to review what new and amazing features I will be gaining…… Read more of this post

iPad 2 Preview

I just obtained an amazing video with a sneak peak of the iPad 2, highlighting all the new features.  Take a look:

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