So you want an iPhone and an iPad do you?

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Seeing the light

Being an avid iPhone fan, and huge proponent for over 2 years now, I love seeing people’s reactions the first time they start playing with one.  It’s even more fun when that person is someone who was originally against them.  These particular individuals can commonly be heard uttering this phrase, “I love my Blackberry,” or this one, “I’ll never give up my Blackberry.” 

The excerpt below is from an IM conversation with one such fellow and his “come to iPhone” moment.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent, but not that well.

Sent at 1:55 PM on Tuesday

Melvin: epic fail

Matt: WHat happen

Melvin: so i plugged the iphone in via usb

it auto activated!

good news is i tested the email and it works with the cheaper data plan

Matt: well good, and now you’re all in and playing

Melvin: so i had to call verizon to switch back to my BB until the case comes in

but i have no enterprise data plan anymore

so owa on the bb


but i can now play with the iphone on wifi

Matt: YOu should have just stayed with the iphone

Causing yourself more work

you’re going to be playing with it anyway

Melvin: i am not risking dropping the phone!

you see the most i have ever paid for a phone is 50 bux

this is going out on a limb for me

Matt: Yeah, but having it on makes you play with it, hows that different than having it activated

I don’t think I’ve ever paid that little

cheapest I think for me was 80

Melvin: i normally got free phones with verizon

so when this thing is on wifi does it stay on wifi if it is available and use it for data?

Matt: aw


Melvin: that is COOL

the email on here is way better than the bb

it is actually really easy to type on

Matt: You’re cracking me up man

Melvin: why?

Matt: You have to take back every mean thing you ever said about me and my iphone now.

Cindy says

Melvin: now she has to get one

Matt: a little late for that

you should have switched earlier and brought her with you

Sent at 3:05 PM on Tuesday

Melvin: when is she getting one?

Matt: she’s more focused on the ipad right now.

for tomorrow:

Melvin: ah there we go


it is going to be hilarious if they don’t announce the ipad2

Matt: Now its on your calendar

Sent at 3:19 PM on Tuesday

Matt: Download the facebook app, twitter, evernote, dropbox, bible app (Make sure to download the NIV before it goes away), skype, engadget, itunes remote, kik(like blackberry messenger for iphones)…..

Melvin: ok

Matt: have you face timed anyone yet?

Melvin: trying to get my headset on it

that is a fail

Matt: hmm, bluetooth?

Melvin: oh wait

now it works

Matt: it’s a little tricky

Melvin: sweet it does the voice dial

Matt: with bluetooth stuff

Melvin: i am a happy man

hey stop

it is trying to go on my mac

Matt: hahaha

oh, oops

Sent at 3:29 PM on Tuesday

Melvin: do you leave wifi off when not using it/



Matt: I leave it on most of the time, unless I’m in an area that I know I won’t get any

Sent at 3:42 PM on Tuesday

Melvin: not finding itunes remote

Matt: just look for remote

it allows you to use your phone as a remote control for itunes on your computer

Melvin: apple remote?

Matt: yeah

i think

Melvin: that is cool

ok that app was worth the whole deal

we listen to itunes on the stereo in our living room

Matt: 🙂

Melvin: now i can control it!

Matt: sweet

Melvin: now if only i remembered my youversion password

niv no longer free

i got it on my ipad though

Matt: aw boo

glad i got it when I did

Melvin: facebook app is cool

Matt: yep

Melvin: does skype use the camera?

Matt: yeah

over 3g 🙂


Melvin: no way

Matt: yep

thats how I was doing it in disney

Melvin: i have seen the light! PTL!

it is a miracle

i have been healed!

Matt: Hahahahaha

Be careful, if you talk to loud Misha’s going to want one.

Melvin: doubt that

she wants a droid

Matt: Well, just wait. Here’s how it plays out. after a while of seeing me play with my iphone my wife started asking everytime we got in the car to go somewhere to see my iphone.

Melvin: yeah i can see that happening

we will see

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