Game Console for the True Geek

I know what you’re thinking, “Doesn’t that go without saying?” Well, you’re right. There isn’t anything geekier than playing video games, until now. Take the geeks favorite movie and combine it with the most technologically advance game system yet and what do you get? This: Read more of this post

iPad love, how it all began.

I will always be indebted to Microsoft for my iPad.  Yeah, that’s what I said, Microsoft.  Read more of this post

Dear Microsoft, A Break Up Letter.

Dear Microsoft,

I’ve put this off for far too long.  The time has come for us to part our ways. I know, I know, you didn’t see this coming, as evidenced by the blue stare on your face. But really, how could you have not?  You saw me listening to music with her, and even traded tunes.  I would spend 9 hours a day with you, but the whole time was thinking about her crisp touch display and browsing endless webpages (sans flash) at night.  Didn’t you realize something was up when on many a car ride I’d be on the phone with her while you just sat in my bag.  You said I could talk on you too, but who are we kidding, too little, too late. I’d like to say it’s me, not you, but really, we both know that’s not true. It’s always been you. Read more of this post

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