Dynamic Church Conference: Day 3

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Wow, just wow.  What an amazing experience DC11 was.  I highly recommend the conference for anyone using F1 or even thinking about it.  But let’s get to what you all are looking for.  Here are my notes and thoughts from Day 3:

Session 8:  Champion Team Panel

First off, I think I got more out of this session than any of the other ones.  It was refreshing to see people doing the champion thing right. Notes:

  • Would be nice if your F1 Champion sat on a higher level leadership team.
  • Create a Champion team to spread the vision. Run a usage report to see who is using F1 often to determine who should be on the team.  Start weekly meetings and then dial it back over time.
  • Develop a mind-set of how F1 can do this. Like the idea of making sure no one is “creating” new spread sheets.
  • Experience site has meeting agendas for champion teams to go by that you can download.
  • At each meeting, go over F1 questions that have been submitted to the champions throughout the week.
  • Do cross functional training.
  • The team needs to consist of people who are respected by other staff, computer savvy, and not put on the team for “political” reasons. (Thanks Scott Goodger)
  • If volunteers are going to be touching F1 data, make sure to have them sign confidentiality agreements.  Volunteers doing F1 stuff, are they tried and true?  Have then been around for more than a year?
  • Dedicated data entry team for inputting paper forms into F1.
  • The data is valuable, we make decisions based on the data.
  • Set up a contact form to request contact information change if you aren’t keen on the profile editor.
  • Make sure your champion team is subscribed to the software updates newsletters.  Go over, as a group, new changes to the software.

Session 9: Finding Talent in Unexpected Places w/ Tara Coulson

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this session.  I came out of it questioning how much I know about F1.  This session blew my mind.  I can’t believe I had never looked at this before. I’ve got a great outside the box idea for this, but I’ll share that after my notes.

  • Where do I fit?
    • Challenge: Finding the right volunteers for each opportunity
    • Solution:  Giftedness in Fellowship One
  • Give Jobs Giftedness assessments.  Everyone needs to be on board before starting to use the Giftedness assessments.  You can even put in Shape gifts and strengths finders.
  • Make job templates to make it easier for assigning strengths to each job when staff create them.
  • Giftedness Reports:  M9006, A1080 – for combining two people lists, kind of like a compound query.  Useful if you are trying to find a list of people, based on their gifts, that would be good for a particular job.

So, my out of the box idea is this.  Create an activity, with one RLC in it.  Then create a job for each paid position you have on your staff.  Select what gifts apply to the jobs, then cross-reference your open positions with your volunteers you have gifts listed for.  You now have a list of possible applicants for the open position.

Final Keynote:  Roadmap

  • Major themes development has been focused on:  Congregation, mobile, information, API, multi-site, and experiences.
  • Remote Deposit Capture and Ad Hoc Reporting Available now in limited release
  • Coming Soon:
    • Online Giving 2.0:  Better experience, replace weblink, split giving.
    • Group attendance: Core metric, rich information, email reminders
    • Volunteer Forms:  Enhanced experience, compliance, linkable opportunities.
  • On the Horizon:
    • Online Giving Experiences:  Friendly names, campaigns, give anywhere
    • Mobile 2.0:  Mobile growth, congregant & staff, multi-platform
  • Are we there yet?
    • Report Library 2.0:  Experience, integrated/alerts, church reports, search
    • Weblink Registrations:  I stopped taking notes for this one, I think I was in awe.
  • Further out?
    • Table integration:  Sync Groups (Ok, that would totally rock!)
    • Activity 2.0:  Information-centric, easier setup, foundation

The whole week was just outstanding.  I already can’t wait for DC12.  I made a ton of new friends, some of which had very meaningful impact on me.  I’m re-focused, and re-energized.  See you guys at the Roadshow!

Have a seat at the Table.

Watch the video first, then read my review.

I explain it like this.  The Table is like Facebook for your church without the self promotion.  It can be the catalyst for creating and nurturing deep meaningful relationships.  It will connect those who have with those who need. And the icing on the cake, 24/7 prayer wall that lets you choose how you want to be notified.

I’ve been playing with the table for a couple of months now and I think it’s pure awesomeness.  The guys who have come up with the table are so passionate about it.  They sell it like their lives depend on it, and they are just giving it away for free.  Amazing.

Some features of the Table that I really like are as follows:

1. Unified messaging – the Table allows you to select how you want to be communicated with.  If you like to get notifications via email, you can.  But if you are the kind of person who likes to get text messages, you can choose that method instead.  This doesn’t sound like much, but when you combine it with a prayer wall that notifies you when someone submits a prayer, you now have real-time 24/7 prayer request notification.  No more of this send in your prayer requests and we’ll compile an email weekly and send it out to the congregation.  It’s real-time.  I don’t know about you, but it sends shivers down my spine.  You can also choose to be notified when someone records at the table that they prayed for you.

2. Scalability – That’s probably not the right term, but I’m going to go with it.  Every part of the Table that is available to the entire church, is available at the campus level, and then at the group level as well.  For example, you can have a prayer wall within your small group.  When you post a request to it you are given the option to have it visible at the campus level, and then at church level.  The same is true for discussion boards, as they are available at each of the 3 levels.  The tiered system doesn’t stop there.  They have group/campus/church calendaring, video feeds, and soon to have a needs based app that sounds absolutely amazing.

3.  Congregation mapping – A very simple, but cool tool that allows staff to see on a map where everyone lives that is using the table.  It also maps where small groups meet, so as an admin you can match people with groups just by looking at a map.

4.  Groups – The Table has multiple types of groups.  You can have church sponsored groups, or user-created groups, both of which can be set visible, hidden, invite only, or just plain open.

5.  Apps – They are continuously adding new apps to the table.  Differently blog, video, and sermon feeds; relationship apps; and online magazines.

6.  Targeted announcements – If you want to blast all men on the table with a message that shows up on the table, you can.  Women too? Sure.  Have a particular age range you are targeting? Not a problem.  Very simple and easy to administer multiple announcements to different demographics.

7.  Youth Segregation – The Table allows you to have your youth group use it too, while keeping adults and students from “friending” each other.  A nice bit of security to keep any weirdness from happening.

8.  One Really Cool Thing that I’m not sure I’m allowed to talk about yet, but it’s very, very, very cool.  I know, I just like to keep you interested. 🙂

There are other features that are very nice as well, Fellowship One integration, a built-in espresso machine, etc. Ok, I’m joking about the espresso machine, but if enough people request it……

We haven’t implement this at our church yet, still in the testing phase, but I look forward to doing so in the not so distant future.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to get my hands on it, as well as being able to share some things about it with you all.  Don’t let this pass you by. Sign up when they go live, this is a major game changer.

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