StumbleUpon: Amazingly Powerful

I recently read a blog post by Jeff Goins about why you should be using StumbleUpon.

Now, I’ve been using StumbleUpon for a few months now to find interesting websites. I draw a lot of inspiration from the stuff I find using the service, which in turn, has led to many a blog post. This was all well and good, but Jeff was saying to use StumbleUpon to drive traffic. Read more of this post

Got Klout?

Do you have klout?  Well, you probably do about something. is a website that measures your social media presence.  It’s like your credit score for twitter and Facebook that gauges if you really know what you’re talking about.

Klout is your calculated score after examining such things as @mentions, retweets, likes, comments, the likelihood of your ideas being passed on, and how many people hang on every word you type. The analytics aren’t perfect, but the evaluations seem to be fairly accurate.

So, head on over to and get registered.  Then, start seeing how you stack up against your friends, colleagues, or even me (@mattpugh80).  But don’t try to figure out how to increase your score, doing so will just drive it down.  Getting caught up in the score stops you from doing what it was that got you the score in the first place, being yourself.

Twitter Search, a simple guide

A buddy of mine recently started up a twitter account to help his company reach out to potential clients.  He asked for some info on how to use the search tool on twitter.  I thought that I could make a little instruction guide on my blog so not only he, but everyone else could reference it as well. Read more of this post

Stop waiting for them to come to you.

Today was Easter (or yesterday depending on when I post this), one of two days each year that “non believers” feel some sort of guilt for not coming to church.  Need to make their appearance or some other nonsense. I don’t get it.  Any who, today was a great opportunity to pitch your church to potential samplers.  How did you do?  Attendance was up right?  Of course it was, who are we kidding.  It’s like lunch time at Costco.  Hungry customers hitting up the sample carts.  But that’s easy stuff, they just come to you.  Well, people need Jesus all the time, and they aren’t always in the mood for samples. Read more of this post

Location-Based Testimonies

I love it when a new way comes along for sharing Jesus with others.  Sometimes it feels like the technology was meant for it.  Well, in this case it definitely wasn’t created for it, but wow, it’s almost too easy.  You see, location-based social media apps, like Gowalla and Foursquare, were developed for users to share where they are, businesses to deliver deals to regulars, and patrons to rate and give tips to others thinking about stopping by.  Inadvertently these service providers have created another outlet for us to share our stories of how a relationship with Jesus changes ones life. Read more of this post

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