Why I tweet.

I try to write a lot of my posts on the same stuff that I have conversations on. When I have 2 conversations on the same subject with in a memorable amount of time, I know I need to blog about it. I had one such conversation the other day on why I’m on twitter.

  • The information – On twitter, opposed to Facebook, there is a sense of real time-ness. Watching my twitter feed feels like having your finger on the pulse of the world. Information flows freely and quickly, breaking the borders of your inner circle.
  • Community – That may sound weird, but it’s all in the way I handle my social networks. Facebook is for people I know in real life, but twitter is for obtaining and delivering information to and from people with in my same profession or interests. I have found a great community of Church IT people on twitter that have been immensely valuable and reassuring of the work that I do.
  • Power of the tweet – I quickly found that there is great power in 140 characters. With the wealth of companies having twitter presences, there is an awareness by said companies that customers tweet about their experiences. With this awareness comes great power to the customer. In most cases when I have had a bad experience with a company’s product and tweet about, I get almost an immediate reaction from that company. This has come in the form of tweets back to me and even phone calls. Companies want to keep there twitter presence clean, because their worst nightmare is a complaint gone viral. It creates 2-way communication and a sense of “we’re in this together”, which is not only good for the company, but for the consumer as well.
  • Contests – Yeah, this isn’t exclusive to just twitter, I’ll sign up to win free tech stuff anywhere. What sets twitter apart, personally, is that twitter won me my iPad. Well, twitter and Microsoft won me my iPad, but that’s a whole other post. Really, I owe it to twitter to use it. I owe Microsoft nothing.

So, why do you use twitter? Or, why don’t you? Leave a comment and we’ll chat… or tweet….. or twit…..or, whatever.


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